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Cracked Ground

Simplest and Quickest
Groundwater Monitoring Tool

The app works only on existing borewells


  • First-of-its-kind Android App

  • Does not require any sensor or equipment

  • Measures water levels within a minute

  • No need to open the borewell

  • Works on borewells with pump assembly

  • Geo Location and Geo-Fencing facility

  • Available in 4 languages (English, Hindi, Marathi & Kannada)

Bhujal App
Why Bhujal App - English
Why Bhujal App - English
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Why Bhujal App - English

Why Bhujal app - Marathi
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Why Bhujal app - Marathi

भूजल- बोरवेल मॉनिटरिंग अप (Bhujal Borewell Monitoring App - Hindi)
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भूजल- बोरवेल मॉनिटरिंग अप (Bhujal Borewell Monitoring App - Hindi)

We Are Growing


  • Powerful decision-making demand-side tool

  • Helps assess the impact on water availability due to pumping and recharge

  • Helps delay the early drying of borewells and sustain it for longer durations

  • Predict water availability

  • Helps save borewell clogging and pump repairs caused by the dry operation of pumps

  • Helps save electricity due to the regulated consumption of borewell

  • Helps adapt improved crop planning for farmers based on known water availability

Accurate and Certified

The App has been Jointly tested with

  • Central Ground Water Board, Govt. of India.

  • State Ground Water Department of  Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat & Rajasthan 

  • IIT, Mumbai

  • ACWADAM, Pune

App Certified for accuracy by Center for Water Resource Development and Management (CWRDM), Government of Kerala.

  • Observed Accuracy 99%

Bhujal app accurately tested and certified by

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Active Users



Applications of Bhujal App

applications of bhujal app in agriculture

Farmers & Agritech companies

•Monitoring of individual borewells
•Aquifer Mapping and Water Conservation plans
•Community Ground Water Resources Management Plans
•Integrated Community & Industrial Water Resources Management Plans

Applications of Bhujal app in drinking water supply

Households/Gram Panchayats/Urban Local Bodies

•Monitoring of borewells by rural & urban households 
•Monitoring of borewells by Gram-panchayats & cities
•Aquifer mapping & recovery management plans.
•Water security plans.

applications of bhujal app  in water conservation

Commercial/ Institutional Industrial

•Monitoring of Borewells
•Aquifer Mapping and Recovery Management Plans
•Water Security Plans

applications of bhujal app in non domestic water supply

CSR Donors

•Impact Assessment
•Planning and designing a water conservation watershed program