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Know your Groundwater from the comfort of your home

Non Invasive

The Bhujal IOT is completely non-invasive, no sensors, no opening of the borewell assembly.

Controled By Bhujal App

Remote monitoring of borewells' water level is now possible, no need to visit your borewell, just ask the Bhujal app for water levels.

IP 65 Rated

BHUJAL IOT device with an IP65 rating can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for use in outdoor and industrial, and rural settings where exposure to dust, water, and other contaminants is common.

Works with Exiting Pumping Assembly

The solution works even with existing borewells, saving you cost of digging new monitoring wells.

Water usage tracking

 The app tracks water usage over time helping users to see where they are using the most water and make changes to their habits.

Real-time water level monitoring

 Monitor water levels in real-time. This would allow users to see how much water is available and make informed decisions about water usage.

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