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Guidelines for Accurate Measurements

Please check the “How to use the App” video in the app for correct measurements.

  • 3 loud tappings (vertically) on a borewell top metal cap with a strong iron rod or spanner at 2 seconds intervals each.

  • Hold your phone close to the tapping point.

  • Tap heavily to generate an echo from the borewell.

  • Deeper the borewell, heavier should be the tapping 

  • Maintain silence during 3 tappings.

  • Record sound echoes from the borewell in the App while taking measurements.

  • Please take 3 consecutive measurements at a time and check if the results are consistent. If not, then repeat the measurements.

  • Consistent results indicate accurate results provided the tapping generates echoes.

  • Please take the first measurement on your own borewell.

  • For any queries, write to us in “Service Request” in the 3 dot menu in the App

"Measure your borewell regularly to manage your precious groundwater"

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