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RMC surveys groundwater level to tackle shortage in summer

Feb 22, 2024, 08.33 AM IST

Ranchi: The Ranchi Municipal Corporation has launched a comprehensive survey to assess the groundwater levels in various areas, aiming to address the recurring shortage that plagues the city every summer. The survey, initiated this year, targets both known dry zones and potentially new areas facing water shortages.

Among the 25 affected wards, 11 have already been designated as dry zones, where water supply remains a persistent challenge. Despite the installation of pipelines by Jharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Company (JUDCO) in these areas two years ago, operational challenges have delayed water distribution.

Many parts of RMC area, comprising 25 out of 53 wards, transform into dry zones with the onset of summer. Despite efforts by the RMC to provide water through tankers, the scarcity persists, prompting a deeper investigation into the root causes.

To tackle this pressing issue, the municipal corporation has assembled a team comprising four junior engineers (JEs) and three assistant engineers (AEs) tasked with conducting a thorough survey across all wards. The team will prioritise the assessment of dry zone areas, aiming to compile a comprehensive report for the Water Board’s review.

An official of the Water Board said, “The survey results will guide the RMC in preparing water distribution, set to commence from the first week of March. Currently, Ranchi receives 311 million litres of tap water daily sourced from the Rukka Water Treatment Centre and L&T New Plant to Doranda Line.”

The water crisis in the city reflects a broader concern for the entire state of Jharkhand, where groundwater exploitation is on the rise due to rapid urbanisation. According to the recent survey report by the Central Ground Water Board, groundwater extraction has increased by 3.65% from 2017 to 2023.

Administrator Ameet Kumar, said, “After our meeting last week, we instructed the Water Board to conduct a survey. This survey will focus on inspecting the hand pumps and high yield drilled tubewell (HYDT) borings carried out last year. Wherever these water sources are projected to run dry, we will initiate the provision of extra water. This comprehensive survey will cover the entire city, aiming to prevent water shortages for the residents.”

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