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The need to know groundwater level regularly for Farmers.

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Author: Satish Khade, Eminent Writer on Water Issues

The original article is in the Marathi daily newspaper AGROWAN.

Dated 30 June 2023

Link to the article.

The author, emphasizes the importance of monitoring groundwater levels on a regular basis, particularly by farmers. By knowing the water levels in their wells, farmers can effectively plan their irrigation cycles and optimize water usage for their crops. At the community level, knowing the groundwater levels allows for better management of water resources within the village

The author mentions about the Bhujal App which is an android based app specially developed to track water levels in borewells. The Bhujal App helps measure water levels in the easiest way and generate information on groundwater levels.. Given the current situation of insufficient rain, people are concerned about water levels in their wells. While the water levels in open wells can be visually observed, it cannot be done easily for borewells.

The author suggests that if water levels of borewells can be monitored on a regular basis and historical data is generated, it would enable efficient water management and estimation of water requirements for upcoming agricultural seasons. By monitoring the water level before and during the monsoon, the relationship between the groundwater levels and the nearest stream can be understood. Similarly, observing water levels before and after pumping can provide insights into the recharge rate and the time taken for the water to return to its original level. This information can aid in crop selection, reducing losses, and increasing profits for farmers.

Read the full article here.

Sathish Khade is an Eminent author who writes on water technology, water-related issues and has authored books like "Abhinav Jalnayak"

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