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Half a minute is enough to measure underground water

By - Sethuraman Sathappan

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In our country, 65 percent of groundwater is used for agriculture and 85 percent for drinking. Obtained through borewells and wells. Determining how much water is underground is difficult. This causes drought and water shortages. Since borewells are closed structures, it is not possible to know how much water is there when the pump is turned on to draw water.

No water management. People also draw water from wells till they run dry.

Groundwater Management

Pune-based 'WaterLab Solutions', one of the 'start-up' companies that realized the challenges of groundwater management and the need for data-driven management, has come up with a solution. The company found a tool for this as a result of thinking about how much underground water is available not only by the government but also by those who use bore wells and have their own water sources to plan and manage the

resources in a sustainable manner.

The water level in a borehole can be gauged by tapping the metal cap. The company has developed an app for this which helps in measuring the water level in a borehole in half a minute.

The company offers a service tailored to three types of users: a tool for individuals (i.e. owners of one or two boreholes an Internet of Things-backed tool for commercial and industrial use, and an app for government and non-government organizations.

The name of the app is 'Bujal'. There should be a metal or plastic cap on top of the borehole.

The cover should not be rusted or broken. A spanner or iron rod is required. The data generated in the application shows the level of water in the borehole.

The company has more than 1600 subscribers in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. Two-thirds of them are farmers. However, recently the company has found that urban households are keen to monitor their boreholes and wells. It has won many awards for being a great invention.

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